Ballet, Jazz/Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Tap

Elyse Anderson has been a part of the Dance Central staff for 5 years teaching Ballet, Jazz/Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Tap. Elyse began dancing at the age of three, at her family owned dance school located just outside of Vancouver, Canada. She is fully trained in Cecchetti Ballet, Jazz, AIDT Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, CDTA Acrobats, and Hip Hop.

She was trained in tap and jazz by world champion Lacey Boyd, as well as various choreographers who have worked with Michael and Janet Jackson, Brittney spears, and Missy Elliot. Elyse has been a competitive dancer since the age of ten. She was also invited to dance with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra on various occasions. In both 2003 and 2004 Elyse was the recipient of the top Cecchetti Ballet Award for her age category in British Coloumbia, Canada.

Elyse moved to Perth in December of 2005 and has continued to increase her dance knowledge by attending workshops and holiday programs at Australian dance companies such as Brent Street in Sydney, and Dance World in Melbourne. Elyse holds a Private Pilots licence and is currently working towards a Commercial Pilots Licence while studying at ECU.