Fees 2019




The year consists of four terms, much the same as the school year. Term fees remain the same for every term, though the number of weeks in some terms may vary. There is an annual membership levy of $50.00 per student to register with DANCE CENTRAL. This is payable on commencement of classes.

Childrens’ Fees Per Term

30 minute class: $150.00 per term early bird, if paid before the previous term ends.Otherwise $170.00
45 minute class: $170.00 per term early bird, if paid before the previous term ends.Otherwise $190.00
60 minute class: $200.00 per term early bird, if paid before the previous term ends.Otherwise $220.00
75 minute class: $215.00 per term early bird, if paid before the previous term ends.Otherwise $235.00

Multiple Class Discounts for Families & Individuals.

5% discount on 2 classes
7.5% discount on 3 classes or more

Applies to Fees when paid in a lump sum BEFORE the term commences and by the specified due date.

Payment of Fees

Advance bookings are required with fee all payments. Payments are due in week 7 of the previous term. For example : for second term, fees are due in week 7 of first term.

Early bird rate & discounted Fees, Accounts are issued in week 7 (of the previous term). Payments made past the last day of the previous term ie past week 10 -( if vacancies exist), do not qualify for early bird rate and therefore will forfeit their discount and early bird rate.

A ‘No Pay No Class’ policy is enforced after 14 days of non payment into the term.

Private lessons : We need a minimum of 24 hours notice if cancelling your booking, otherwise the teacher needs to be fully paid.

Late Administration Levy. The fees will also attract a $20.00 late admin levy, if paid after the previous term has concluded.

Try out Fee :  a one off payment of $20.00 is applicable as a ‘try out’ class for the first lesson only. The balance of the term fees is due thereafter.

Refund policy : Fees are not refundable if you change your mind, for any reason.

Missed classes : may be made up (if there is an age appropriate class and level ) within the current term with the exception of the period which is close to concert rehearsals.

Attendance: Students are required to attend all classes. If absent from two or more lessons in a term, they may not be eligible for an exam or to participate in the end of year performance. In the case of unavoidable or planned absence, please phone in advance to notify the studio of your child’s well-being.

One terms notice is required if your child is withdrawing from a class as places can be offered to waiting list students.Many thanks. 

Paying fees by bank transfer.

BSB 016008  ACCOUNT NUMBER 350616577

Please list your child’s name as a reference.

Paying fees by PayPal.

Please continue with Enrollment to follow. Many thanks.
Please go to Enrol to book and pay for your classes.

Refund Policy : Fees are non refundable if you have changed your mind for any reason. A terms notice is required when making any changes to your enrollment. 

Prices Include GST.  Bookings Essential. Please phone the studio in advance to arrange attendance of classes. Thank you.