Megan teaches Commercial Jazz is essential for students looking to advance to a professional level of dance. The style uses strength, flexibility and fitness and can be seen in the commercialised dance world including on tours for artists, music videos and in campaigns. Heels . Seen in music videos, LA and New York Dance studios and professional shows, this style focuses on empowerment, confidence and technique. The class will cover basic jazz and heels technique, as well as expression and how to build confidence in performing. Megan teaches Fitness training & Plyometrics which is essential in preventing injury and enhancing performance. This 45 minute class is an aerobic work-out in a circuit structure, focusing on cardio respiratory endurance and plyometrics. Plyometrics involves jump training, in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time with the goal of increasing power; perfect for ballet and jazz students looking to improve the height of Jetés etc. High-intensity training classes are beneficial for students aiming to reach a new level of dance training.Megan teaches Hip-Hop, Waacking, Vogueing and Dancehall, this jam-packed class will push students to increase fitness, strength and musicality. The class will also include basic grooves to assist with free-styling and hip-hop progressions. Set to popular music, performance is the main goal of the class and individuality is encouraged.Megan teaches Goal setting in any field is extremely important for progression and growth. Students will set goals in this 30 minute session that range from short term, easily achievable goals, such as mastering a double/triple turn to goals that take a bit more work to achieve such as the splits on a non-preferred leg. Students will learn how to assess and track long-term improvements, as well as focus on achieving success in dance.