Performance Group Information 2019

Dance Central has six Performance Group categories. Level 4 to 10.

These groups are by audition only and designed for students who wish to do more than recreational dance and pursue a more dedicated path in dance.

Performance Group 4. Aged 9 to 11 years. Enrolled in Grade 3 or 4 ballet.
Performance Group 5. Aged 10 to 12 years. Enrolled in preparation Grade 5 ballet.
Performance Group 6. Aged 12 to 14 years. Enrolled in Grade 6 Ballet.
Performance Group 7. Aged 13 to 15 years. Enrolled in Intermediate ballet.
Performance Group 9. Aged 16 upwards. 
Performance Group 10. Aged 16 upwards. 

Performance groups 2019

We are aiming to train the students in readiness for auditions with entry into professional stage shows and commercial performances. This CAN BE achieved with excellent class content, challenging choreography and exposure to PERFORMANCE.

With limited vacancies in the performance groups only the students with the strongest technique, good flexibility and an excellent stage presence remain in the group. In most cases the stronger students within the groups have been participating in several dance classes per week, not just the two minimal classes.

It is a pre-requisite that all Performance Group members attend the two nominated classes for their specific group. This includes their Jazz Performance Group class and their Contemporary Performance Group class.

Boot Camp 2019

Dates : Wednesday 30th January, Thursday 31st January & Friday 1st February from 9.30 – 1pm.

It would be beneficial and highly recommended that all Performance Group students from Level 4 upwards to attend these three days of the course.

The day commences with either a “Basic Pilates for Dancers” and then a “Class Warm-up” followed by either a “Contemporary”,“Broadway Jazz”, “Goal Setting”, “Fitness  training”, “Lyrical”,  & “Hip-Hop”, with a “Stretch session” and “Cool down”.

Students please bring a drink bottle and a light snack or refreshment.

It would be great if students could have done some “pre-season” training, which includes some stretching, calf raises, sit ups and light push ups for strength work.

Day one will be a little lighter with an introduction to all fields with the momentum building through to Friday.
It will be a lovely introduction to the year.

Any questions please phone in on 94305192 or email

A brief description of some of the styles on offer at Boot camp 2019.

Broadway Jazz dance evolved on Broadway in the 1950s into the new, smooth style that is taught today and known as Theatre Jazz or Modern Jazz. … Theatre Jazz is also used in large scale musicals today such as Fame, Wicked and Grease, and the TV show Smash. Commercial Jazz is essential for students looking to advance to a professional level of dance. The style uses strength, flexibility and fitness and can be seen in the commercialized dance world including on tours for artists, music videos and in campaigns.

Hip-Hop, Vogueing , this jam-packed class will push students to increase fitness, strength and musicality. The class will also include basic grooves to assist with free-styling and hip-hop progressions. Set to popular music, performance is the main goal of the class and individuality is encouraged. Goal setting in any field is extremely important for progression and growth. Students will set goals in this 30 minute session that range from short term, easily achievable goals, such as mastering a double/triple turn to goals that take a bit more work to achieve such as the splits on a non-preferred leg. Students will learn how to assess and track long-term improvements, as well as focus on achieving success in dance.

Heels. Heels is one of the best classes to improve sass and performance while focusing on technique and lines. The style incorporates elements of commercial jazz, ballet, hip-hop, waacking and voguing, and can be seen in music videos, on tour with artists and in tv and film. A benefit of dancing in heels includes elongating dancers lines, as the heel should be an extension of the leg. Strength, alignment and length are needed to support the heel, and this will come from a technique focused warm-up involving struts and the correct way to stand and walk in heels. The class will focus on basic commercial jazz technique, expression and how to build your confidence in heels in a fun and low- pressure environment. This heels class is suited to; -dancers who wish to continue with their dance career to a more commercial stream as most tv, film, casual shows and Broadway jobs will require the ability to dance in heels. -dancers wishing to build on their technique and stage presence; building confidence, lines and overall performance. *Please note that this class can be done without heels* If you have Chorus lines or character shoes, please bring them along.

Contemporary Dance One of the class goals is to prepare the mind and body of the dancer for a wide range of movement possibilities: forms, qualities or dynamics. It combines the strength and control of legwork and the flexibility of the torso. It also employs contract-release, floor work, fall and recovery, creating light and shade through movement. Unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed, and direction are often used.

Lyrical Dance Movements in lyrical dance are characterized by fluidity and grace, flowing seamlessly from one move to another, holding finishing steps as long as possible. Leaps are exceptionally high and soaring, and turns are fluid and continuous. Lyrical blends elements of some basic ballet and Jazz.  Lyrical is generally a little more fluid and less relaxed than ballet – although not as rapidly executed as jazz dance.




  • Boot Camp Bookings


  • Boot Camp Payments

Please settle bookings in Advance.

Direct deposit to BSB  016 008   ACCOUNT 350616577
OR payment in person at the studio on next Enrollment Day,

Sunday 27th January 10-2.00pm.

1 half day $60.00.

2 half days $120.00.

3 half days $160.00

  • General photography and class video permission 2019.

  • Permission slip, see below.

I, ………………………………….. (Parent’s name) give permission for

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1/ For “Performance Group Photos” to be used on our Dance Central website
and Instagram. Gabrielle & Julie are the only administers of this site.

2/ For the class instructional video for practicing routines to
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Please return this permission slip when you are in the studio next.

Kind Regards,

Gabrielle Cronan

Boot Camp 2019 P.G. 4, 5 & 6’s.

Studio 2

Time Wed. 30 January Thursday 31 January. Friday 1st February



Warm up & light Stretch Julie


Goal setting-  Megan  

Basic Pilates for Dancers- Ruby

Warm up & light Stretch  Alex

10.10-10.15  5 min break 5 min break 5 min break
10:15-11.00  Contemporary  Julie Warm up & light Stretch  Megan Contemporary Alex
 11.00-11.05  Break  Break  Break
11.05-11.45  Broadway Jazz Julie Contemporary Megan Jazz Alex
11.45-12.00  Break Break Break
12.00-12.45  Hip-Hop Alex Hip-Hop Megan


Hip-Hop- Alex
12.45-1.00  Cool Down Cool Down Cool Down


Boot Camp 2019 Pg. 7, 9 & 10

Studio 1

Time Tuesday 23 January Wednesday 24 Jan. Thursday 25 January





Basic Pilates for Dancers. Ruby

 Warm up & light Stretch ALEX


Basic Pilates for Dancers. Ruby

Warm up & light Stretch ALEX


Goal setting-MEGAN

10.10-10.15  5 min break 5 min break 5 min break
10:15-11.00  Contemporary-ALEX Commercial Jazz-   ALEX Warm up & light Stretch MEGAN
 11.00-11.05  Break  Break  Break
11.05-11.45  HIP-HOP. ALEX Hip-Hop- ALEX


Heels. MEGAN
11.45-12.00  Break Break Break
12.00-12.45  LYRICAL.JULIE Fitness Training- ALEX  Hip-Hop-& Vogueing


12.45-1.00  Cool Down Cool Down Cool Down

Teachers and times may vary slightly on the day.